Why spring is the perfect time to start your project

The first signs of spring are finally here; we’re able to enjoy the lighter evenings, the flowers have bloomed, the little lambs are filling the fields and best of all; Bank Holidays are approaching! (Hello four day weekend AND four-day week!

With Spring finally here, we want to share with you 6 reasons why the Spring/Summer season is a great time to start your project.

The winter is too cold, the summer is too hot. In the spring, the days start to get longer and that means more time working and less time waiting!

Everything is out in bloom. It’s something you might not have thought of but as Architects, it’s a real bonus for us to be able to see what surrounding trees, plants and wildlife you have around in full bloom.

Get in your contractor’s diary early in the spring to avoid those mad rushes and being squeezed in last minute! Summer is a very busy time of year for home builders so the longer you wait to get the ball rolling, the more likely your project could be backlogged and put on hold, so getting in early is really recommended!

By starting now, you could be on-site pretty soon…This means that you could be on your summer holidays with your feet up, drinking a Pina Colada or Jet Skiing (however you like to holiday) with no stress and fully assured, it would all go to plan. It’s all part of our site support and our Plan to Perfection Promise to you.

Bats are out of hibernation from May to October. So this is a great way to be able to detect whether you have Bats or not. It’s a lot trickier in the winter and projects do have to go on hold until the Bat-Man (aka ecologist) comes to take a look at the bat habitat you may have.
There’s a huge fine if this is not performed and if bats are spotted during your build, it will be paused until the bats have a safe place to relocate to.

We always carry out sun/shade studies where we check where the sunlight is at different points of the day on your property. This is great when designing your dream home and checking there is not too much or too little light through windows and doors but also, that the light isn’t completely blocked.

So, do you want to get your project started this spring?

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Written by Emily Hamblin, Marketing Executive for BBD Architects. April 2022