How Architecture is like Christmas

Christmas is a time of great expectations in the giving and receiving of presents.   Anticipation, excitement, surprizes and more.   There are similar expectations between architects and their client’s as a new project begins.   Let me explain:

When it comes to buying a gift for your family or friends at Christmas there is a lot of pressure to buy the right thing.   Giving the right gift somehow demonstrates how well you know them.   When you wrap the gift you send some hope with it, hope that they will like or appreciate it.   In turn, not only does the recipient presume to receive a gift from you but they also expect you to get something they will like.

Isn’t it uplifting, for you both, when you buy the right gift for Christmas?   The smile on the recipients face, the relief in yours.   I am not saying that those reindeer socks from your auntie are a failure, you might like reindeer socks.   Neither am I suggesting that they have failed in the essence of Christmas, far from it; it’s the thought that counts and the thought that we should be grateful of, not the gift that we are disappointed with.

Is it so bad to let your family and friends know what you would like for Christmas?   Think about it; if you write to Santa (or send out a ‘wish list’) you stand a good chance of receiving those things and not the reindeer socks.

So how is architecture like Christmas?   First of all, just like the Christmas analogy, when an architect is employed they are expected to deliver the right design solutions.   The client expects great things and can help the architect by providing a design brief, a wish list if you will.   Architects are trained to gather the information in the design brief and interpret the client’s likes and dislikes to put together a design with presence using the colouring pens they received for Christmas.

A good architect will understand what their client is looking for and deliver a design that matches or works with the idea in their minds.   The smile on the client’s face when they see the design they wanted delivers that same feeling as getting the Christmas present they asked for.   So consider a Chartered Architect for your next project … they are not just for Christmas.

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