The importance of making an entrance

Just before lockdown, Verity sat down with local Interior Designer Becci.
They met for a coffee and started discussing the importance of the entrance into a home. It’s such a key part of any property but one that can so often get overlooked, so we decided that since we had so much to talk about, it was only right to share it all with you. 

There are many reasons why an entrance is such a key part of your property, and then we’ll walk you step by step through the list of options for making the most of your space. 

“When people consider redecorating, rearranging or designing different parts of their home, they tend to focus on rooms rather than the spaces in between, however, these transitional areas deserve just as much attention as anywhere else. They may not shout the loudest, but they certainly make a lasting impression.” 

One recent survey reported an incredible 84% of property purchasers agreed that how you feel when you walk through the front door is the most important factor in deciding whether to buy a house. 

Think about the last time you viewed a property, or even visited a friend for the first time. It’s likely that upon walking in you got a sense of the place and decided if you liked it or wanted to see more. I know I’ve bought a property based on that first impression before!

It’s always a privilege to be invited into someone’s home. We are selective about the people we allow inside our personal space, and helping clients to create designs and styles that are perfect for them is a true joy. 

Transitional spaces are those which take you from one place to the next, either physically as you move from room to room, or mentally. Verity explained that “when you come in through your front door you are leaving the outside world behind; stepping away from the stresses of work that day or coming in out of the weather, and into your personal place of safety and comfort.

Your front porch or entrance hall should welcome you in straight away, giving you a good feeling as soon you step in the door.”

There is a practical function for this entryway when you are coming home or leaving for the day, and the purpose of a room or a space is something both Verity and Becci talk about with their clients. You may need an area for coats, bags and shoes, large enough where any children or guests can stop to take things on or off, or perhaps even somewhere the dog can shake off.

It can become a stress-inducing space if you have too much crowding into a small area and no room for people to cross paths easily – you might need a bit of Marie Kondo organisation in your life!

It could be that you don’t need more space, but simply better use of space.

A well-presented hallway can create an overall sense of space, without having more square footage.
“If you do want to build extra space,” Verity adds, “it is possible to extend the front of your home to create a porch without planning permission.

“Whether you start a building project or simply get organised, it’s the sense of space that will create a welcoming feel, for you or your guests. Whether you are stepping in after a long day or opening your door to family and friends, with a bit of thought and clever design you can create an entrance hall that brings a smile every time.”

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This is the biggest driver of happiness at home, and having somewhere that you are proud to come home to and share with people in your life can be achieved with less than you think.

So, now we’ve discussed why the front entrance to your home is such an important consideration, where do you start?

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With thanks to Becci Oldman from Hiltingbury Interior for writing and sharing with us.
Edited by Emily Hamblin for BBD Architects Feb 2022.