Planning fees are due to increase

To date, planning fees have only increased every once in a while. However, from 6 December 2023 all planning fees will increase by 25% (major development applications increase by 35%) and thereafter from 2025 will follow an annual increase in line with inflation to a maximum of 10%.

This will have a small impact on all types of planning application fees and therefore will affect cost appraisals for potential projects to some extent, though these are relatively small sums in general. The link below will take you to a provisional list of the new fee scales:

6 December 2023 planning fees increase

Another big change is that the “free go” exemption will be taken away. This is where previously every application had the opportunity to re-submit within a 12 month period free of statutory fees. The principle will continue to apply to applications concluded ahead of 6 December 2023.

On a plus side, new legislation will allow refunds of statutory application fees where that application has not been determined within 16 weeks for minor applications, providing an extension of time has not been agreed by the applicant.

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