Maintaining kerb appeal this Autumn!

It feels as if autumn has well and truly set in now doesn’t it?

Now, many of you homeowners will know that it’s a full-time job keeping up the maintenance of your home at any time of year but, even trickier in the winter when everything looks a little bit miserable. 

How do you keep your house looking good?!
Well, we have just a few little tips that you can do during the autumn that will last during the winter . . .

PAINT YOUR FENCES –  if you haven’t already completed this task then autumn is a good time to have a little refresh… just make sure the fence is dry enough and it’s not due to rain! 

KEEP YOUR DRIVEWAY TIDY– keep the stones tidy on your driveway and sweep them away, and random outdoor debris but most importantly, keep the leaves at bay! They will be falling off the trees sooner than we think so it’s good to keep on top of it. Doing so means an easier tidy-up in the spring.

FAKE FOLIAGE – this may not be for everyone, but the fake foliage means easy maintenance, and it will stay green the whole winter – winner! You can even get them with solar lights! Perfect for in a pot on your doorstep or replacing your hanging baskets.

WINDOW CLEANED– it’s still important to keep your windows and ledges cleaned during the winter to keep your house looking fresh, so why not clean the guttering whilst there too?

THE DOOR MAT– just as a little freshen up why not get a little autumn door mat? I really like this one and if you are a fellow dog owner, you can relate!

Is there anything here that has inspired you? We would love to know!
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Written by Emily Hamblin
September 2022