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Hello again,

Let’s talk feasibility... the bit before the planning and design and way before the build that’s CRUCIAL!

feasibility study is considered a critical aspect of a proposed project.
It allows Laurence and Verity, the Architects, to test the viability of the project before undertaking any real significant expense. It can determine the size of the project, how it can be deployed on the site and what hurdles must be overcome to achieve a successful project.

What hurdles could you expect?
Roosting Bats
Rare wildlife
Protected trees

These hurdles don’t occur on every project if they do they can really all hold up a project, but not to panic because there are ways around these hurdles and the team at BBD are there to help support and guide you.

Here’s something I overheard in the office the other day while I was playing with my ball. . .

There are lots of different species of Bats and each one required different habitat styles. So, if you do have Bats on your roof, for example, you would have to rebuild a new home for them to move into before bulldozing the current one. They might move into the new one, or they may relocate, but they still need their home. Every day is a school day, right?

So that’s why it can really hold up a project and there could be a hefty fine if this isn’t done correctly.

If you have more questions about bats or any other hurdles, I’m your dog!

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