Jumping through the hoops in 2022!

We know that a self-build project is a massive thing for our clients.

It’s a long-awaited dream come true to be able to self-build. Life savings will be going into it, and it takes a lot of time and love to find something that you truly want to live in.

So, we’re sharing a few sneak peeks of what’s in store at BBD and the dream homes we have created for our clients.

The planning approvals:

Romsey Road:

What a brief! Contemporary, innovative and flexible family living space for our client, her two teenage children and dog.

They want the house to link with the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful views from the house and feel that the ‘garden is in the house and the house is in the garden

‘Fun, Happy and Unexpected – I want the house to feel Happy & Fun and to encourage my children and me to spend time together in shared spaces. How do we want to feel in the house: happy, relaxed, comfortable – nothing is too big or too small.. like the 3 bears, everything is ‘just right ‘

This proposal will aim to meet the criteria of the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge, through methods of construction, application of materials and utilising passive methods of heating and ventilation.

We were super excited by this brief, and even more excited now it’s just weeks away from starting on site!

Halterworth House:

A house full of charm and character but inside are two completely different spaces!

A period semi-detached property, previously converted into two flats that this family want to transform into a family home.

We love that our clients want to keep the character of this property and great consideration has been given to the existing character of the property, and the design goes to great lengths to sustainably preserve and reinstate the original features of the house wherever possible, including restoring the original sash windows and giving them all some much needed TLC.

This project, other than windows and some external maintenance such as brickwork pointing (with black mortar which Laurence is super excited about!) is mostly internal reconfigurations. There are plans to create an open-plan kitchen, living and dining space for all to enjoy. The existing entrance stairway is also not in keeping with the period property grandeur at the moment, so we have designed a real WOW factor staircase!

These changes will improve the family’s use of the property, and retain and enhance the existing character of the dwelling.  And that’s what we believe is really important, creating a home that works for you, and making your home look beautiful inside and out.

Hampton Lane:

The guest/hobby room.

The proposed scheme welcomes new space that blends into the garden and adds lots of natural light into the room and rest of the home. The new hobby space (or guest bedroom) has a great relationship with the garden to inspire our client’s painting work and other crafts.

The dining room wall is removed and a new roof light is added for more natural daylight to flood in.

Again, this is a small change to a home that will make a huge difference to the way our clients use their homes.

If this has got you inspired and left you wanting to know more about how you can get your project started, then we have something for you… The Ultimate Guide to starting your Self-build or Renovation!

Inside this really useful guide, you will find all the answers to any questions you may have, and works great as a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything off of your project list! It also explains it in just plain English, with no fancy architectural and legal jargon!

We know that it can become very overwhelming knowing exactly where your money is going, and what you will get back in return and you want someone you can trust to get you there as stress-free as possible too!

We hope you enjoy our Ultimate Guide

In the meantime, we are taking these projects through to tender (there are some very exciting ones moving through as we speak) and getting our clients that little bit closer to building their dream homes!

Written by Emily Hamblin
Marketing Executive for BBD Architects
June 2022