Jumping through the Hoops; Planning Success Stories

By far, the most frequently asked question at a client consultation is ‘Will getting Planning Permission be really hard?’ Often it is the part of the process that people are most scared of, and that’s understandable. There is less control at this stage than any other. BUT, it does not have to be a hideous experience.

Before I show you these two homes that have been recently granted Planning Permission; download our ‘Ultimate Guide’ and you can find out how to prepare yourself for your planning journey. Or, take a look at Laurence’s blog ‘Do I need Planning Permission’

The house at Houghton

Riverside Location for this Family in Houghton

We were incredibly excited when Planning was GRANTED on this Replacement Dwelling in Houghton. With 6 bedrooms overlooking the most breathtaking views, this new family home is going to be pretty special when it’s finished. Our clients were keen to respect the more traditional feel of the conservation area, and opted for a clean, traditional look to the front elevation. But the use of contemporary crittall glazing at the front and throughout the interior of the home, leads perfectly to the more dramatic elevation to the rear.

The design team have been brilliant on this project. Atlas Planning, Mesh Energy and Hampshire Ecology One thing we can’t stress enough is how important it is to have the right design team assembled. It really does help the planning process.

Dunley Cottage

A Home in the Country

Another project through planning for our clients is this large scale extension and renovation on what was, a rather out of place 60’s house in the middle of the small rural hamlet of Dunley in Basingstoke.

The work transforms the house from a 3 to a 5 bedroom property, extending both floors and creating the perfect home for a growing family. Everyone, (us included) is a wee bit excited about this one. It will look and feel like a different house when it’s finished.

We are often asked if we have a distinct style, and honestly, we don’t. Everything we design responds to the site and our client.

Sometimes, as is the case here, the design will really benefit using high quality, traditional materials, with traditional detailing, to allow the property to sit well on the site within it’s environment.

This is not always the case though, and like our (almost completed!) project, The Old Vic; extending in a similar style to the original building would have actually detracted from the history and beauty of it, something completely different and contemporary in design works well.

If you want to know a little bit more about what your project might look like moving through the Planning stage Download our Brochure

In the meantime, we will keep taking those projects through Planning (there’s some very exciting ones moving through as we speak!) and getting our clients that little bit closer to building their dream homes!

Written by Verity Lovelock from BBD Architects. Verity is passionate about residential design and NEVER tires of seeing her client’s Dream Homes come to life!