Why you should introduce an Interior Designer early in your project?

Most people have the terrible misconception that Interior Designers are all about ‘cushions and curtains’ – honestly that is not the case at all. Not that soft furnishing doesn’t feature, but that is only one small component of a very broad field. A good Interior Designer works alongside you and your Architect through the project and really gets into the nitty-gritty of how you will use your home. You want every component of your new home to reflect that ideal image that you have in your mind of how you want to live.

When our Architect, Verity Lovelock spoke to our lovely local Interior Designer Becci, from Hiltingbury Interior, they discussed how important it is that each room is tailored to the individual they’re designing for. You can actually read the blog here which focuses on one particular room;  the entrance here.

Here are some benefits of having an interior designer as part of your team as early as the Architect.

  1. Creating the right size space – Maybe, just maybe, you do have enough clothes after all, and by having that conversation with your Interior Designer, you are able to see that that area needs to be a little bit bigger than an Architect has put together.
  2. Saves time – An interior will go through what you like and dislike and are able to dress the room for you and make it work. Leave to the professionals and be stress free!
  3. Add the finishing touches to any room. What ever work you are getting done via an Architect, an interior designer can dress it beautifully.
  4. They understand how you want to use your home.
  5. They add beauty and functionality into your home as you need.

It’s becoming more and more popular for clients of ours to work alongside an Interior Designer, and we always advise them to as well…. Who would you choose?

Here are just a few people we have worked with in the past. Take a look and see their wonderful work for yourselves…

Becci Oldman at Hilltingbury Interior based in Chandlers Fords, Hampshire
Emma Hooton and her team at Studio Hooton based in Winchester and London
Anna Thomas at Creative Interior based in Stockbridge, Hampshire

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Written by Emily Hamblin,
Marketing Executive at BBD Architects

October 2021