The Home office – The new essential to our homes

I have a storey to share with you . . . 

and how it really has flipped life upside down

In the past, home offices were just often an afterthought
1. Ill-equipped
2. Cramped
3. A little dusty from only occasional use

Now in 2021, home offices are a MUST HAVE in most residential homes and it’s now the ‘new norm’ to see lots of computers at home. Multiple screens, high-tech capabilities, and professional Zoom-ready surrounding (because you don’t want that giant pile of ironing that you just haven’t got round to tackling yet chilling in the background!)

This is my FAVOURITE working from home mishap here!! You’ll see why!
And, now the UK government are encouraging people to go back to working in the office, (ideal for me really, I’ve had a lot of noise to deal with living with 6 humans and it’s REALLY flipped my peace and quiet out of bounce) lots of people are staying at home 3-4 times a week. As a result of this, over the past year, lots of people have had ‘office space’ in their brief. It’s today’s must-have, the trend, the desired attribute to any home.


It’s not only important to think about the space and a separate room for an office, but where it’s located in the house too. In my house, it’s usually the quietest space so you will usually find me there having a shut-eye in the comfy chair.

Here at BBD, we think that having this separate office that fits well with how you work is crucial. It’s important to still be able to get the work-life balance and be able to close the door of an evening and come away from work. 
What would your ideal office space look like? Anywhere comfy for me?

Verity, Laurence and the fab team are currently designing a house that requires TWO office spaces. This is exciting (imagine the naps I could have!)

Stay tuned on our socials for updates on the other home offices we are designing too!

Thanks fur reading

Speak soon

The Barchitect

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