Five considerations for a successful commercial project

Good design is about more than just appearance – designing a useable, feel-good space has the power to transform lives. This is the cornerstone of our approach at BBD, it’s something we apply to both residential and commercial projects. 

Firstly, what is a commercial project? 

Do your thoughts go straight to an office building? At BBD, we term a commercial project as any structure that is used regularly by a group of people. That could be a workplace, school, church, or public sector building. 

Our experienced architects have worked on a range of commercial projects. On our projects page, you can see examples of a Day Nursery in Sutton Scotney near Winchester and a local Wellbeing Hub that the team have worked on. More examples will be added soon, so make sure to keep an eye out! 

What should I consider when starting a commercial project?

  1. Functionality

Designing your space with functionality in mind is important when it comes to commercial projects. 

Often a commercial space will need to serve multiple purposes for many people. Our advice would be to speak to the people who will be using the space to find out what design options would help them before your initial consultation. 

  1. How you want the space to look and feel

Can you imagine standing in your building once your project is completed? Sometimes, as beautiful as something looks in a picture, it might not give you the feel you’re looking for. Try visiting buildings you like the ‘look and feel’ of in person before you make any decisions. 

Tip! For a warmer space, we suggest using different textures like wood around your building.  

  1. Your long-term goals for the space

The decision to start a project can sometimes be driven by short or medium-term needs. While that’s ok, it is worth thinking about whether it will still meet your needs in 10-15 years’ time. A couple of things to ask yourself could be: 

  • Will the same people be using the space?
  • What other purposes might the space be used for in the future?
  • Are there any design elements that might date the building?
  1. What you want to get out of your initial consultation

You’re not expected to have all the answers right away. All we ask is that you’re confident of your project goals and understand how we can support you to achieve those. 

Listening to your needs and bringing new ideas to the table is something we love about the consultation process. If you have any questions along the way, just ask! 

  1. Plans to keep to budget and time 

Commercial projects often have a set budget and timeline. If you’re in charge of making that happen, think about any roadblocks you might get along the way before you get started.

Delays or going over budget can be due to sourcing materials, construction partners or achieving sign-off. Our team of experienced architects will help you along the way, advising on anything that might delay your project or end up being costly.

Commercial projects at BBD

With years of experience working on commercial projects, at BBD we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional spaces that go beyond expectations. 

By working with us, you’ll take comfort that all of the technical and professional aspects of your build will be completely taken care of.

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