BBD Fast Track – A small change to your home that can make a huge difference to how to live! Read the latest Case Study

We’ve created this amazing Fast Track programme for homeowners who want a small-scale change to their home, that will make a big difference in their life.  
It’s stress-free, stays within budget, and gets that high-level finish you would expect.

A small change in your house can make a huge difference to how you live; but with any house renovation or change, it can come with lots of unnecessary stress.
Homeowners have to find an Architect, get plans approved, then search for a team to build it for them and so on. It can be quite frustrating and time-consuming – but not with BBD Fast Track!

We have the ultimate end-to-end solution, where the entire project is managed and cared for on your behalf.  Fast Track gets you there quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Is Fast Track for you?

A BBD Exclusive for homeowners who wish to extend their house by just a simple one-room extension.

If you are planning to either :

  • Extend the ground floor
  • Create a family space extension
  • Create a Kitchen/Diner area
  • Complete Small internal modifications

Then Fast Track IS for you.

We’ve successfully designed many spaces for our customers with our Fast Track programme.
We have award-winning customer experience and we are here to help support you the whole
way through your project, from the beginning right to the very end when you’re putting your feet
up in your new room!

Fast Track gives you the team you need to make it happen, from start to finish.

We are passionate about residential design, we believe your home is fundamental to your quality of life. Home is where you raise your family, gather your friends and seek respite from a busy day.
Your home should work for you and your lifestyle

Here’s what is included in our Fast Track Package:

  1. An initial consultation with Verity and Laurence
  2. A full measured survey of your property (we then go away and design)
  3. One design meeting after (with maybe a few tweaks so you are 100% happy)
  4. We take your project through planning (whether it’s planning permission or permitted development you need)
  5. Building regulations and working drawings
  6. Quotes and liaison with other consultants needed for your project
  7. Specifications for the drawings
  8. Go to tender on your behalf
  9. Get site support from the minute it’s on-site to completion

See what our client has to say:

Thanks to you both for all your work and guidance throughout this project.
I am pleased with the final result and when compared to the ordeals some people
seem to go through with building projects I am extremely grateful to you both for
making it run so smoothly!

Want to know more?

Download our BBD Fast Track Brochure and read our fantastic Case Study on our recently completed Fast Track project!

Alternatively, you can give our friendly BBD Team a call on 0174 524 200

Written by Emily Hamblin, Marketing Executive

June 2022