September is here and Autumn is on its way! Plan your dream home in time to enjoy it by 2023

With summer over and summer fun drawing to an end, (we hope there are still a few weeks of sunshine left in 2022 before the cold really sets in) and children (old and young) returning to school and the normal routine can resume.

We always find that after summer is when lots of people want to start their self-build project. It’s the time of year people evaluate what they want to do; whether to move or improve?

They’ve been thinking about it all summer and they have finally realised after having everyone at home just what would really be required in their home to make it a more functional and happier living space for every member of the family.

This can be everyday run-ins such as the kitchen being in the most awkward place. Do you have to cart your weekly shop through every room of the ground floor before you reach it?

Or you’ve realised that you have a real disconnection from the inside to the outside. Do you feel blocked off when you have guests around or even that you found there isn’t a family room where everyone can sit comfortably?

We know that sometimes this can be stressful. You have this problem and you are not sure how to fix it. That’s ok. That’s what we are great at (if we say so myself). We help you solve uncomfortable living spaces and transform them into real life and a space that YOU want and that will work for you and your loved ones now and in years to come.

How we helped solve an uncomfortable living space:

We have a client who wanted to extend their bungalow and had lots of loft space and enquired about extending into it. After our first design meeting, we could see that that wouldn’t work for her, due to the high cost, and that going up into the loft just wasn’t an affordable solution.

What did we do? We explored the ground floor area, as there was enough space to extend comfortably. It would also cost a lot less than going into the loft space AND, our client was able to still have that loft storage (you know, for the suitcases and Christmas tree and keepsakes)

What happened next? We have designed our client the perfect hobby room/guest room and what we really love is that as it’s on the ground floor there are options could change it all around whenever she feels. At the moment it’s intended to be a creative space to enjoy hobbies and crafts, but can easily be changed to a dining area or lounge area. What’s also great is that it’s future proof too for whatever life curve ball life may throw in the future.

You see, we work for you and make sure that in the end, you’re happy with the way your home looks and feels.

It’s never too early to get a conversation with an Architect in, even if it’s just to get some inspiration and ask a few questions – that’s what we are here for! Autumn really is such a great time to get these plans down and get the grand build ball rolling just before the chaos of Christmas planning begins!

We offer a FREE one-hour consultation to ask questions and get some great advice. Leave your details via the link below and get booked in today! 

Written by Emily Hamblin, Marketing Executive
September 2022