Bite-size top tips from our very own Barchitect, Gus!

It’s officially springtime now – the daffodils are out, the sun is slowly warming up and Laurence is toying with the idea of cutting the grass.

So, here at BBD HQ, it has us wondering…

Are you selling up or sprucing up your property this spring?

It’s that time of year when most people do put their homes on the market.
It’s a well-known thing.

So, I’ve put together some handy tips when doing both

The Barchitect’s selling and sprucing guidelines:

A good clean up – ahh, a real spring clean.
Is there anything better than having the windows open and letting some spring fresh air in the house whilst having a good clean?
Spring is a great time to de-clutter. It’s good to start one room at a time and categorise it into 3 different piles:
1. Put away
2. Throw away
3. Donate to charity

Tidy the garden – you probably packed up your garden furniture what seems like months and months ago now. Now is the time to get it back out! Trim the grass, the hedges, give the patio a good sweep and make sure the plants are looking their best. This also applies to the front garden too!

Hide toys and pet stuff –  When you have people viewing your property, don’t have lots of clutter around. Have minimal toys out on display and/or hide them in a garage, shed or even your car if you don’t have the space. The same goes with pet stuff, no one wants to see a smelly dog bed (sorry not sorry!) so pop it away maybe in a car along with the actual pet too (unless it’s a goldfish then we let them off!)

Let good light in – If you have a particularly dark house, then make sure you have viewings at the peak of light and open your curtain or blinds, if it’s later in the day then make sure you leave some nice lamps on to create that ambience. Another way to really help is to give the room a lick of paint in a lighter colour!

Do your repairs – That gutter that’s a bit loose, the bulb that needs replacing, touch up scuff marks or you still have Christmas lights having up outside (Emily’s bugbear!) It all makes a difference to the potential buyer to know the property have been well looked after.

I hope these are helpful and motivating.

What one are you going to get your paws into this week? 

Whatever you choose to do, I hope it’s fuuuuurtastic!

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Speak soon,

Gustopher Lovelock
Best Barchitect in Biz