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Changing lives through good design

Whether you are building a new home, extending or renovating, every project starts with a conversation. Design is always a collaborative approach and our team provide you with a completely personal and bespoke design. We work with you closely, exploring options alongside your brief, to come up with the perfect design solution for you.

You will gain a perfect living space that you can feel relaxed, happy and at peace in.  Most importantly of all, you can take comfort that all of the technical and professional aspects of your build will be completely taken care of.

Laurence Wright

Technical Director and Architect

What do you do at BBD? I am the director at BBD. I look after the running of the business. Within our projects my specialism is in technical construction details and site support, although I am of course an excellent building designer

Favourite caffeinated drink? I love green tea or maybe a black tea (who dumps cow juice in tea?). Or as a special treat maybe a Dr Pepper

Favourite Project and why? There are so many to choose from … College Road; this project was unusual in that we were approached by another architect, who had designed the form and obtained planning approval, asking BBD to detail the project and provide site support. This fitted right into my specialisms. What made this project more interesting was the need to completely renovate the existing Georgian house too. The results were beautiful.

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? Outside of the office I am spending time with my family, that’s important. Though with a little spare time, I would either be off-road cycling or kayaking. My favourite cycling experience is hurtling down a hill through a forest. My favourite place and time to kayak is off the beach at sunset.

Verity Lovelock

Design Director and Architect

What do you do at BBD? This shouldn’t be a hard question! Hahaha – I might need to come back to this! – Officially though I’m Lead Design, which means I get to oversee all the fabulous projects that we are asked to design. I am also the first contact for new clients that want to know where to start with their building project. I honestly have my dream job.

Favourite caffeinated drink? COFFEE!!!

Favourite Project and why? The Old Vic is one of my favourites, it was a five year relationship with our clients overall. There were planning challenges, budget challenges and build challenges, but the end result was a beautiful family home that our clients could not be happier with!

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? If I’m not running ‘Mum’s Taxi’s,’ I’m at the beach hut, in a kayak, on a bike or in a hammock…with a book… and a gin.

Molly Hogan


What do you do at BBD? I Deal with day to day running of projects, from drawing up ideas at the design stage through to monitoring construction on site. I’ve just finished my 7 long years of studying to become an official Architect!

Favourite caffeinated drink? Coffee!

Favourite Project and why? 1 Woodbine cottages. My favourite because although it was one of our smallest projects, a simple wrap around kitchen extension, it made such a huge difference to the way the client enjoyed her home.

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? Gym, dog walks and spending time with friends & family.

Mark Phelps

Part II Architectural Designer

What do you do at BBD?: I take what our clients say and ask for and translate them to sketches & drawings that help them to visualise their ideas. I get to design, test, draw, research and engage with clients and their ideas, which is always interesting.

Favourite caffeinated drink? If I had to choose it’s probably a cup of tea, but most of the office will tell you I’m not much of a tea drinker! (he likes to get out of making rounds of tea!)

Favourite Project and why? One of our ongoing projects in Chandler’s Ford. It’s been really enjoyable to watch it develop from a rather quirky concept (we refer to as the ‘wedge’) through planning, and now detailing. It can of course be tricky to balance the look/feel of space with the practicality, but it has been fun to try and find that line with this project.

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? A round of golf whenever I can, but usually visiting friends and family. Sleeping the rest of the time.

Hannan Kirkwood

Part II Architectural Designer

What do you do at BBD? At BBD I get to shape the needs and wants of the clients into sketched designs and ideas. I work with clients to produce resolutions to any issues they may have with their current homes and get to truly understand how to better their home space for them. r

Favourite caffeinated drink? Tea! Milky and two sugars pleaseeee.

Favourite Project and why? The Old Vic has to be my favourite project. It was the first project I ever assisted on when I first walked through the BBD doors. The design is a perfect marriage of both old and new providing a respectful consideration to the current site conditions and the existing quality of the house. The material choice provides a beautiful and sustainable aesthetic to the design that makes it stand out yet appreciate the local vernacular of the site. .

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? You can usually find me playing football or baking up a storm in the kitchen…although when I'm not itching to be on the move you can usually find me with my feet up, tea in hand and relaxing to some Netflix.

Emily Hamblin

Marketing Executive

What do you do at BBD? I’m in charge of all the marketing stuff that happens here at BBD. I love it, I create all the social media posts and videos, email and monthly newsletters and keep things organised with sales and enquiries.

Favourite Caffeinated drink? A nice cuppa tea (She’s sweet enough though)

Favourite project? Oakleigh, I’ve always loved the house way before joining BBD!

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? Walking my dog Mysie and being with friends and family!

Gus Lovelock


What do you do at BBD?: In charge of all things barchitect and walk up and down the office with my ball bringing lots of happiness to the office.

Favourite drink? Water

Favourite project: My weekly emails of top tips, The Barchitect Says – that counts right?

Most likely to be doing outside of the office? Avoiding the cat I live with, sleeping in the sun, chasing tennis balls… and keeping guard of course!

Matthew Humby

Part II Architectural Assistant

What do you do at BBD? : At BBD I work as part of a close-knit team problem solving, as to achieve the perfect design solution for our clients. Every day is a learning day and so I am always picking up new skills and information.

Favourite Caffeinated drink: : Freshly ground Colombian coffee.

Favourite project: : Awbridge Farm Cottage. This is my favourite because I designed this back when I was with BBD during my Part One architectural studies. The clients were great and really wanted to explore different ideas to get their dream home, this allowed me to design a home with features I hadn't done before - a few being a complete timber frame extension which was really detailed, and a double-side chimney that divided the living and kitchen area. I visited the complete project last year and was amazing to go back - they even added the garden festoon lights I put in the design!

Most likely to be doing outside of the office: : Cycling, playing or watching football, walking the dog, or partaking in a ploughman’s lunch in a delightful country pub.

Together we look after your project and you

We will communicate with you often, keeping you up to date with progress. We cut out the jargon and explain each stage clearly, step by step.

We are passionate about residential design, we believe your home is fundamental to your quality of life. Home is where you raise your family, gather your friends and seek respite from a busy day. We believe, when a home is designed with thought, care and skill all elements of life become that much better.

In short, good design can change your life. Talk to one of our friendly team members today on 01794 524 200.