About BBD Architects

Changing lives through good design

We are a fun and friendly RIBA Chartered Practice of two architects, the Director – Laurence Wright and Verity Lovelock. Together with our Architectural Assistants, we provide you with a completely personal and bespoke design, which is considerate of your budget, we will guide and support you through the various stages and statutory hoops you will need to navigate in order to develop and improve your home.

You will gain a perfect living space that you can feel relaxed, happy and at peace in.  Most importantly of all, you can take comfort that all of the technical and professional aspects of your build will be completely taken care of.

Laurence Wright

Loves: Kayaks, mountain biking and his T5 
Hates: Being two days late for his 5 weekly hair cut
Most likely to say: “right *claps hands together* what’s next?"
Rubbish super power: The ability to zoom into any location on google maps – seemingly from space. 

Mark Phelps
Part 2 Architect’s Assistant

Loves: Cheesy 80’s songs playing in the office!
Hates: Hot drinks
Most likely to say: A terrible dad joke
Rubbish super power: Quoting movies no-one in the office has seen

Verity Lovelock

Loves: A cup of tea
Hates: Making tea
Most likely to say: “Did someone say they were making tea?" 
Rubbish super power: The ability to convince anyone in the office to make a cup of tea. 

Hannan Kirkwood
Part 1 Architect’s Assistant

Loves: football, tea and looking good
Hates: early mornings
Most likely to say: “I’m not hot I’m Moroccan"
Rubbish super power: to find a tangent in every conversation

Gus Lovelock

Loves: A tennis ball…and long walks on the beach
Hates: Cats
Most likely to say: “woof"
Rubbish super power: Can catch ANYTHING that is thrown at him

Matthew Humby
Part 1 Architect’s Assistant

Loves: Portsmouth Football Club, water sports, hiking, exploring new places
Hates: Southampton Football Club, The National Railway and losing Marks morning 80s music quiz
Most likely to say: “Oki Doki” 
Rubbish super power: The ability to water the office plants, even when not instructed 

Together we look after your project and you

We will communicate with you often, keeping you up to date with progress. We cut out the jargon and explain each stage clearly, step by step.

We are passionate about residential design, we believe your home is fundamental to your quality of life. Home is where you raise your family, gather your friends and seek respite from a busy day. We believe, when a home is designed with thought, care and skill all elements of life become that much better.

In short, good design can change your life.